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Co-Owner, Practice Manager

Elizabeth worked in the telecommunications industry for many years before becoming a veterinary professional. When she met her husband, Dr. Tom Tischer, she realized that an opportunity had presented itself—here was a way for Elizabeth to help not only pets themselves, but their loving owners as well! Now, Elizabeth is proud to make a real difference as Neshoba County Animal Hospital’s Practice Manager.

Born and raised in Florence, MS, Elizabeth entered the telecommunications field early on in life; her parents owned an independent telephone company. After living and working in New Jersey, Alabama, and Kentucky, Elizabeth met Dr. Tischer in 2002. The couple was married in 2004 and moved to San Antonio, Texas, where Elizabeth started helping out at the veterinary clinic that her husband was working for at the time.

It didn’t take long for Elizabeth and her husband to realize what a good team they made in the animal care industry—they decided to pursue their dream of owning their very own veterinary practice. Elizabeth found her life coming full circle as the pair returned to Missouri and opened Neshoba County Animal Hospital! Here at the clinic, she’s particularly fond of interacting with the hospital’s clientele and helping pets give birth to their litters.

In her time away from work, Elizabeth enjoys tending to her chickens and roosters at home, reading, knitting and crocheting, painting, gardening, and spending time with her family. She has two sons: Richard, who serves in the United States Navy and currently lives in Virginia with his wife and five children; and Lewis, who lives in Tennessee with his wife and two young children.

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Veterinary Technician

Cortney spent a lot of time at her grandparents’ home while growing up, where she was often found on horseback. Watching her grandfather care for his animals left a permanent impression on her—she’s always wanted to have even a touch of his compassion. Now, Cortney gets to use her skills to improve the lives of pets and animal owners every day!

Cortney decided during her senior year of high school that the veterinary field was the only serious choice for her. She started looking for employment at local animal clinics, and was thrilled when Neshoba County Animal Hospital offered her a position! Cortney loves her job more and more every day, and simply couldn’t imagine working in another field—here at the hospital, she particularly enjoys emergency work and calf delivery. For Cortney, nothing can compare to the joy of bringing a life into the world!

When she isn’t at work or riding horses in her spare time, Cortney enjoys spending time with her family and pets. She and her husband, Jeremy, live with their young daughter Laklyn, Cortney’s stepdaughters Keeley and Miley, and a trio of pets. Tyson is a feisty three-year-old bulldog, Clutch is a young Boxer, and Gypsy is a Great Dane puppy who believes that she can fit into anyone’s lap.

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Photo of  Cortney


Groomer, Receptionist

Shortly after rescuing an adorable Pekingese/poodle mix named Cinderella, Amy took her new canine companion to her local vet’s office for a checkup. She ended up working for the veterinarian, sparking a passionate career in animal care that has persisted to this day! Amy has been a part of the Neshoba County Animal Hospital family for 15 years.

Here at the hospital, Amy enjoys interacting with clients and tending to the needs of pets in whatever way she can. She also does pet therapy at the local hospital and nursing home; Amy even started an initiative through the clinic to bring dolls to Alzheimer patients in need!

Outside of work, Amy enjoys spending time with her daughter and caring for her own pets at home. She lives with Diva, a long-haired Chihuahua who often accompanies Amy to work; Diva’s two puppies, Sister and Angus; a dog named Rick that Amy adopted from Neshoba County Animal Hospital; and three cats who go by Sunshine, Mr. Big, and Black Princess.

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Customer Service Representative

Growing up in the farmland of Tallahatchie County, MS, JoAnn recalls constantly being surrounded by pets—there was never a time in her life when she didn’t have an animal by her side! JoAnn can’t imagine working in any other field; she’s a Customer Service Representative here at Neshoba County Animal Hospital and has been a veterinary professional for almost 30 years.

JoAnn moved to Philadelphia in 1981, and decided to rejoin the workforce when her youngest child started school. After working in a number of part-time jobs, she joined the Neshoba County Animal Hospital team and was hooked from day one! JoAnn’s favorite part of her job is getting to know clients on a personal basis and hearing all of their wonderful pet stories.

JoAnn and her husband, Tommy, have three grown children as well as nine beautiful grandchildren, and share their home with a dog, cats, and several cows. When she isn’t at work or spending time with her grandkids, JoAnn enjoys reading and riding her motorcycle with her husband. Her greatest riding achievement thus far was a four-day, 1200-mile ride across four states!

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Photo of  JoAnn